To remotely manage our client’s needs and their online security, we use an Avast product called Cloudcare.

What does that mean to our customers?

Avast, who developed Cloudcare, managed to negotiate with Zscaler, a large enterprise-level security provider, to resell their products to small businesses and use them with their small business customers.

This gives you access to enterprise-level security, specifically:

  1. Secure web gateways - when using this service you can configure all of your business devices to access the web securely, by diverting the internet access to zscaler servers, so no matter if you are out and about, in the office or at home, the connected device will always access the internet via secure servers.
  2. Bandwidth control - helps to provide that fine balance to create a "nirvana" point in your company, by allowing your employees still to access personal stuff, but reducing any impact on business-related traffic.
  3. Cloud firewall
  4. Cloud IPS

With Povas, you get enterprise security as part of our small business prices.