IT Support for Your Specialist Automotive Software

The ordinary to the specialised are our bread and butter

Looking for IT support is challenging when you only want them to worry about the kit and the basic programs that everyone uses—email, MS Office, Slack,  etc.

If your critical software is not only specialised but vital for your business to run, finding an IT company who have the skills in your industry and experience to support you can be an exercise in frustration.

With experience in your industry, we have the knowledge and technical skills to keep all your software, mundane and specialised at its peak, day-in, and day-out, letting you do what you do best; run your business.

Automotive software

We know in the real world systems don’t only crash between 9 and 5.

This is why we have an emergency call-out service.

We’ll put you in touch with an engineer who’ll understand your specialised systems and be able to walk you through everything you’ll need to do to get up and running, quickly and efficiently.


Automotive Specialists

Having supported organisations in the Automotive sector, we know your industry specialist software, allowing us to provide you with an effective end-to-end service.

We believe that if we’re going to work with customers whose needs are more complex, it’s vital that we understand how you work. More importantly, how your systems work to resolve issues as they arise and pre-empt them with effective upgrades and maintenance.

With the Automotive industry, that’s precisely what we do.

Security In The Cloud

To remotely manage our client’s needs and their online security, we use an Avast product called Cloudcare.

What does that mean to our customers?

Avast, who developed Cloudcare, managed to negotiate with Zscaler, a large enterprise-level security provider, to resell their products to small businesses and use them with their small business customers.

This gives you access to enterprise-level security, specifically:

  1. Secure web gateways - when using this service you can configure all of your business devices to access the web securely, by diverting the internet access to zscaler servers, so no matter if you are out and about, in the office or at home, the connected device will always access the internet via secure servers.
  2. Bandwidth control - helps to provide that fine balance to create a "nirvana" point in your company, by allowing your employees still to access personal stuff, but reducing any impact on business-related traffic.
  3. Cloud firewall
  4. Cloud IPS

With Povas, you get enterprise security as part of our small business prices.

Hardware and software around a cloud
Project Planning

Project planning and implementation

Digitally, everything moves at the speed of light, from processor power to the evolution of the software you use to drive your business forward.

Because we understand the specialist software and hardware that underpins your business, we are ideally placed to help you think strategically about upgrading your software or moving to a newer, better iteration that will let you expand your capabilities.

Combining project management and tech expertise, we are the perfect partner to migrate your systems to new platforms while keeping everything running smoothly and securely in the background until you launch.

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How We Work

IT & Security Audit

We fully assess your IT and information security needs in a free audit before any project or package design, identifying opportunities for cost saving.

Partnership Model

We design a support package to meet your needs, protect your business and to reduce costs. We grow with you, not ahead of you.

Direct Access

All work includes direct access to real people; support staff who own issues to resolution, and director level staff to drive your digital strategy.

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