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Information Security

Information security is something every company needs to think about. It applies irrespective of size or type of business.

If your systems, people and processes aren’t compliant, you may have a potential problem. We help you understand data regulations and requirements to always be compliant.

Our information security protocols covers:

Fractional CISO on- demand – ensuring your business’ information security is compliant and effective.

Virtual Data Protection Officer – reporting to senior management, ensuring compliance.

Data Protection at your core – thorough data protection and compliance throughout your IT systems.

GDPR Compliance – ensuring GDPR compliance through audit of your systems, processes and data storage.

Data Breach response – continuity and disaster recovery plans and policies for responding to breaches, including employee instructions, customer communication and ICO (UK) notification.

Information Security Process Management

Our approach to data protection ensures that your systems, people and processes are protected and compliant.

Our service enables you to understand data regulations and requirements

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Why Work With Us?

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    Avoid data breaches

    Data breaches can be catastrophic to any company, we build your systems and processes to mitigate this risk

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    Data compliance culture

    74% of all data breaches are caused by people - take action to address the challenge through culture and training

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    Avoid breach fines

    Mismanagement of data, data breaches and IT management errors can attract fines of millions of pounds

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    GDPR Compliance

    All processes, systems, data storage and devices are setup to be compliant all the way through

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